Top Photographic Locations In Bhubaneswar

The smart-city is the humble abode of temples as known by people around the world. But Bhubaneswar is so much more than just temples. It is filled with mesmerizing exotic locations that are breathtaking, to say the least. These locations can be perfect for your next photo-shoot if you know where to look.

Check out these fantastic picturesque places and make the best photo albums, whether it is for your wedding or an impeccable social media profile.

Jaydev Vatika (Artificial Waterfall)

Jaydev Vatika is one of the top picnic spots among the city dwellers, with a vast area sprawling through acres and acres of natural vegetation. Just a short walk from the Khandagiri Bus-stop, it can be your perfect gateway from the hustle-bustle of the city to spend quality time with your loved ones.

But guess what? It’s also an excellent location for a fantastic photoshoot! The beautiful backdrop of the artificial waterfall is one of the place’s main attractions and will let you shoot some great photos.

Graffiti Walls Around City

Bhubaneswar has had an impressive revival with the artwork and design around the city. It now boasts of some of the best graffiti walls of the country. This new change has garnered a lot of appreciation from the residents.

From portraits of great Odia personalities, who have etched their name in history, abstract and pop art bound to turn heads, the graffiti are refined, fresh, and give a new definition to aesthetics. If you’re looking for trendy locations for your photos, you just need to look for colorful graffiti around the city.

Khandagiri & Udaygiri Caves

Khandagiri & Udaygiri are the first tourist spots that come to mind when Bhubaneswar is mentioned, and for good reasons too. These historic caves are giant structures embedded in time and reflect the outstanding architecture and immersive culture of Odisha.

There are numerous caves on the sites, which make for an excellent backdrop for a perfect photoshoot. We recommend you visit these places early in the day to beat the crowd.

Rooftop Restaurants

Bhubaneswar is emerging as one of the happening cities. The young crowd is always on the lookout for the perfect hangout spots. The new restaurants in the city have not only fulfilled that demand but surpassed the expectations with great themes and rooftop locations.

The ambience is lovely for an evening with your friends and loved ones. But the exquisite setting also makes it absolutely blissful to click some memorable photos. Come on! who would miss an opportunity like that?

Well, these were some of the popular spots for clicking photos around the city. But we’ve got some hidden gems for you as well. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make your snaps unique and one of a kind, you should definitely check these following locations out.


Chausathi Yogini Temple

You already might have known that the other name for Bhubaneswar is the Temple city. There are uncountable temple sites with superb locations and settings spread throughout the city. But they are also overused and featured in almost every social media profile of people who stay in or visit Bhubaneswar.

Suppose you want to showcase the diverse cultural beauty of the temple city in a way no one else has. In that case, you must visit the Chausathi Yogini temple situated on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. The shrine consists of 56 idols in a circular circuit. The monumental architecture of Odisha stands there since the 9th century. So you can imagine the historical significance of the site. A photoshoot in this location is undoubtedly going to be phenomenal.

Kanjia Lake

Situated beside the famous Nandan Kanan, Kanjia lake is one of those spectacular places that often go unnoticed. But it is good news for you because your photos would be rare and make people wonder, “where is this wonderful place?”

This “Garden of Heaven” can provide you with some fantastic shots and plays home to thousands of birds besides having an excellent variety of floral beauty.

Deras Dam

Deras is an extension of the Chandaka wildlife sanctuary. It presents a plethora of scenic beauties in the vast area it’s stretched in. People often visit this place for picnics and therapeutic detox. It’s one of the places that let you get acquainted with nature and realize how fascinating it can be. Deras can let you create some fantastic nature portraits. It has few hiking trails as well if you are willing to explore the site.

If you make the trip to all these locations on the list, great job! You’re a true photography enthusiast. Do share your pics with us in the comments below. Also, please be mindful of other visitors while doing your photoshoots.

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