Top Undiscovered Waterfall In Odisha

Odisha is most famously known as "India’s best-kept secret." The marvelous state of Utkal has fantastic places to explore in all categories. Whether you like ruins, temples, beaches, mountains, hill stations, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, or spellbinding waterfalls. Odisha has something exquisite for every heart. For the aqua lovers who visit Odisha, make sure to add one of these waterfalls to your itinerary!

Ashok Jhara Waterfall

Our first pick on the list is a great undiscovered place with adventurous hiking options. Ashok Jhara is an undiscovered marvel carefully hidden by mother nature. Local people love this place because its an excellent spot for picnics. But be careful of wild animals that inhabit the area. Its best to leave before sunset.

This fantastic waterfall is in the Jajpur district, 10 km from Sukinda. Google maps can help you reach here, but locals are always helpful with directions if technology fails you.

Ganda Hati Waterfall

If you're looking for a kid-friendly location that has something to offer every generation, Ganda Hati is the place for you! Apart from a mesmerizing waterfall, the site provides a majestic view of the lush green landscape.

You can also click extraordinary pictures with the waterfall backdrop because of the brilliant footbridge. The magnificent place is situated at Paralakhemundi in the Gajapati District.

Tinkuda Waterfall

If you're a peace lover who wants to avoid busy places, Tinkuda waterfall is just the place for you. With serene surroundings of forests and wildlife, it feels just like the mangroves of Sundarban. If you're feeling adventurous, you could set up camps for the night in the pristine site. However, you might need to carry your own supplies.

Tinkuda is located in the Tangarpali block of Sundargarh district, and the road leading to the waterfall is difficult. But that just adds to the exotic nature of the place and probably the reason why it offers peace.

Mirigikhoj Waterfall

Adjacent to NH 215, Mirigikhoj is an accessible waterfall that you can explore with family during a picnic. The place is precisely where you need to go to witness nature filled with the jungle aura. The waterfall is unique because the flow of water descends from natural stairs of rocks.

Beside the Kalta iron mines, this unexplored Sundargarh districts waterfall is best visited from August to November.

Punjisil Waterfall

Punjisil, an exciting water abode at Koraput’s foothills, is probably the safest waterfall on our list. You can enjoy the babbling water flow with much fun here. However, the picnic spot at Punjisil is not optimized well enough for a large number of visitors. Since it’s turning a hotspot for outings, try to plan your trip during the offseason to access the best experience.

Picnics at the waterfalls can be a great stress buster and an excellent excuse from daily life to spend time with your loved ones. But you should be mindful of your garbage footprints and always dispose of your waste at designated bins keeping it clean and accessible for others to enjoy.

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